About the truck

Taquería Yuca Taco serves authentic tacos in their native environment—the bustling streets. Bright flavours and unique ingredients from Yucatán, Mexico served from an old Volkswagen Camper Van.

The Yuca Taco Food Truck brings traditional Yucatecan regional cuisine to the streets of Copenhagen with dishes and flavours completely unexplored. From Cochinita Pibil, a whole suckling pig marinated in Annatto seed and Sevilla Orange, steamed wrapped in banana leaves to the Maya Sikil P’aak, an incredibly umami rich pumpkinseed dip eaten in Yucatán for at least a millennium. Like so many Maya dishes, the ingredients are simple but their combination and the skill of which they are treated makes for an incredible result.

The Yucatán peninsula in Mexico is home to one of the world’s great regional cuisines. With the foundation of native Maya dishes made from fresh local ingredients, it shares much of the same pantry ingredients and many culinary practices with the rest of Mexico. Yet, due to its isolated peninsular location, it was also in a unique position to absorb the foods and flavours of such far-flung regions as Spain and Portugal, France, Holland, Lebanon and the Caribbean. The full depth and richness of this cuisine has long remained little understood beyond Yucatán’s borders.

Tacos are tradition, not a trend.